Monday, March 3, 2014

August 2013

August was way less exciting than July.  No birthdays in our family, no foreign excursions, etc.  We did have the start of a new school year though!  That was pretty exciting because this year was the first for us to have three kids in elementary school.  It was pretty crazy.  I still can't believe that I only have one little guy at home (at least for the whole day).
On back to school night they all got to meet their teachers.

Ms. Marjorie Lynn in Kindergarten,
 Ms. Dondi in second grade
 and Ms. Fransen in fourth grade.
These kids all love school, so it isn't hard to get them excited to go back.  A new outfit never hurts though, right?  My two girls are very interested in their version of "fashion."  My control freak mothering took a back seat this year, and I let them be in charge of their outfit choices.  I'm not saying I didn't "help" along the way, but ultimately the choices were theirs...whether I like it or not.

Owen got to walk up to the school with the girls because he had his kindie interview that morning.
His first day of school came a few couple of days later.  This little man was pumped!

Did I mention that this happened in August too?  Yea...the wee one decided to throw himself out of his crib during his nap time.  It didn't swell or bruise, so being the amazing mom I am, I took him to church and Sunday dinner as usual.  He cradled it all day and night.  I figured the next day we ought to take him to the doctor.  He had two fractures.  One in each of the bones in his forearm.  Mom of the year!
We finished off the month in a fun way!  I think this will become a tradition for us!  We went to Colorado Springs and ran the Dirty Dash.  The grown ups did a 5 k with obstacles before going through the "Piglet Plunge" with the kids.  They had a BLAST!  It was pretty fun for the grown ups too.
 The anticipation was killing them while the adults were running (which was fair because it took us WAY longer than expected.  It was a 5 k for heaven's sake!).
 The adults finishing
The whole clan at the finish line after the "Piglet Plunge."
At first they couldn't believe that we were actually allowing them to get as dirty as they wanted.  Once they were convinced they went CRAZY!


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